Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" (Yuksek Remix)


Brick Lane fashion

I love how london is so diverse musically and fashion wise, this is from Captain bubbles pop up store on cheshire street. Oh and theres me walkin in the background lol. i was lost tryna find the shop

Chateau Roux Kool ass Tees

These guys are known for there kool unique t-shirts.

Tim Healey Vs. Calvertron - Rock It Roll It (DirtyLoud Remix)

Dub..Dirty loud are exactly what there name

New Skrillex

This one throws you off, The drop is unexpected. Enjoy.

XV ft Miami Horror “Foreign Exchange Student”

Neon Hitch - Silly Girl

Kinda like jessie j...not bad tho..maybe jessie is writing for her or something. Neon Hitch is a girl from South England who has actually been working hard for the last few years, touring with Pro green, opening up for 50 cent and nenah cherry. She's co-wrote songs for Kesha, 3oh3, and many pther known artists. Quite on the popside, but shes got an edge.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)

This is for you spirtual heads. Taken from

A Tour of the Cosmos in Bytes and Atoms by The Imaginary Foundation

The mysterious think tank and art apparel collective known as The Imaginary Foundation recently created an installation entitled The Undivided Mind, which merged the seemingly opposing worlds of art and science. The San Francisco gallery, covered wall to ceiling in scribbled chalkboard
scientific diagrams and mathematical equations attracted hundreds of curious "imaginarians" on the opening night in late 2010.
 If your into science and astronomy, this will amaze you

Confetti Death - Typoe

The guy who created this is a graffiti artists aswell as a conceptual installation artist. Amazinngg.

Dark art "KMNDZ"

Came across this. Artwork is amazing.

Dope Shades

The Kooples - Carnaby St

If your in to the vintage look, this shop is the one...the pocket chain is doin it for me.

Beyond the Valley

I've purchased from these guys, there small london boutique is full of exclusive creations, made by handpicked designers.

Metronomy - She Wants

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson - "Wake Up Call" Dim Mak Records

Dirty dutch anthem...Video is mad, Love it!!!


Been a fan of these guys for awhile, hardcore complextro lol

Dray Delta - Fire In The Phone Booth


Another Artist from my family, DrayDelta, You really need to follow this guy, watch him spit dragon FIREE, in a small lil london phone box

EARBLEED MIX Feat Exclusive tracks from MR SOUNDZ

This is Mixed by me and dj donny, Its the pre warmer for Earbleed on the 28th of april @undersolo camden.

EarBleed Tshirts - Mr Soundz (Me)

So, Ive got a night in camden London, On the 28th of april, which is the thursday before The royal wedding, what ever that means, anywhooo, its a night full of Electro house and dubstep, featuring dj's of the likes of Me, Dj Donny and elvin Cortes (THE EARBLEEDERS) these are the t-shirts were giving away. You want one, then HOLLA..

Feed me - Green Bottle

Heard about this guy last year, Signed to Ultra music, Which is a biggg deal. A young deadmau5.

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This guy is a genius, and the video is also Genius..

MSTRKRFT - Beards Again *NEW 2011*


A year old, But i think its creative.

Terror From the 9th Galaxy, created by Maxwell Oginni

Created by my close friend, his work is amazing, check him out

Turn it up - Ftampa Remix

Cool Project & Scotto feat Mc Perplex - Turn it up (Ftampa remix) OUT NOW by ftampa
 Dope ass remix, the drop comes in at about 1.16, pure electro summer vibes. 


Quarter-Life Crisis by obscenelocals
It's nice to hear some UK underground hiphop. Bump this after some maryJ, it will do the trick. 

Chris Kelly - Medley

This guy has got an awsome voice, up and coming artist

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Make Some Noise (MTV EXCLUSIVE)

Make Some Noise (MTV EXCLUSIVE)

Beastie boys 'Make some noise'

This is for old skool hiphop heads

Kool Marc Jacobs ad

Don't know who directed it, But i do like indeed. The music is kool to by 'Dirty art club'.

Ray bans which are the In-bans for 2011

I still prefer my old skool original wayferers, But not bad.

Chromeo and daryl hall

If you know chromeo and daryll hall, then your into funk, old skool and new skool collab, this is old, but i thought i'd dig it out and show you guys. Have a butchers.

La lettre - Hogan Spring Summer 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfield is one of the pioneers in fashion/arts. Love this.

Ice Cream Kicks

These are dope, I love the simplicity.

To-orist Clothing

One of my Friends created 'To-orist' a good 5 years ago, and now its hit the world HARDD...available in shops worldwide. I call it "Special Wear' lol. Quite pricey but worth every pound. Already worn by the likes of Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryda, Jme, Lambrinth, David beckham, Omarion and more.


A Very talented artist i have been working with from the start 'G-range'. Check out his new Youtube SHort SHow on youtube 'Gerroff Tv', This is part 1 featuring ME, and alot of others. Its just entertaining.

La rebla fam @Strummerville Spring Sessions - Shorditch

So Yea, I have got 2 bands, this is one of them 'La rebla fam'. This was in a big carpark, with a bar and portaloos lol..Kinda like a mini festival, was fun, a good turn out and it went on till 6am.

Diddy - Ass on the floor - Zedd Remix

This guy is has been working at it for awhile, and has done official remixes for known artists already, this is his recent Official release for diddys track 'Ass on the floor'.

Contact - noisia feat Foreign Beggers

Kinda Old, but want ya'll to see how the uk does it..

Scarlett Lowe (Miss Frank)

These are the Duo ready to rock the universe with there soulful voices sprinkled with funk and 80s beats..These are ones to look out for...My sisters 'SCARLLEETTT LOWWWEEE'

Captain Love Bubble Pop up store Feat Scarlett Lowe Frendz

Some android phone footage of the shop

Captain Love Bubble Pop up store Feat Scarlett Lowe Frendz

On the 28th of april Captain Love Bubble (Yarah Bravo) Hooked up with Scarlett Lowe (formely known as "Miss frank" from the 2009 Uk X-factor. A showcase of Uk talent was organised by Scarlett Lowe and splattered all within and around the Pop-up shop Located in london famous and trendy "Brick Lane'.