Sunday, 10 July 2011


Lauren Albert is a Brooklyn based illustrator, as well as a train rider, a crossworder, a textile designer, and a master of psychedelic figures and worlds.


and another one over a new EARBLEED beat i did....


My boy, Dray Delta, freestyling over a beat...we were having a little productive friday night at my shop and got carried away with filiming freestyles and posting it on youtube..ol

A fantastic place

Muxxi is an illustrator constantly experimenting with her art. She loves weird things and creates surreal characters, patterns, clouds, doodles and murals.

Red N Pink - Gator Mouth EARBLEED REMIX

RedNPink - GatorMouth - EARBLEED REMIX (snippet) by mrsoundz - EARBLEEDMUSIC
 Been working hard in the studio to get my e.p together....this may be included.. 

Lazy Rich - Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix)

This is frikin it

Who To Believe? by François Abélanet

Public art with a purpose never looked more optically interesting; French artist François Abélanet created this land art, Who To Believe?, in front of Paris' City Hall. The three-dimensional piece is on view through July 15.

At certain angles, the piece looks like a large sphere, but its actually a angular piece of land. As Abelanet notes, "we live in a world where one hears the debates of ecologists, scientists, manufacturers... I simply wanted to note the problem of the tree and invite people to question the place that it, nature, and the environment have in their lives."

Red n Pink - badman (official video)

So heres the first official video from my girls 'Red n pink'...Enjoy

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

New song from one of my favs Calvin liking this, its not as hard as 'Awooga' but its quite a sweet more smooth song....a real festival song i think..

G-range - Mony back (Produced by Mr Soundz)

Heres the offical video of Money back by G-range, produced by myself...Support good music people...