Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rusko "Everyday" (Official Music Video)

Video is kool...tune is kinda popsteppy, liking it though..


SLEEP-DRUNK VADEMECUM, spread over several years of focusing on medical instruments, high precision techonology, scientific devices, anatomical models, clandestine laboratories.
Blanco says of the series, "The bizarre represented objects reflect a mixture of past and future, and an ambiguous clinical atmosphere flows in them. On many of these painted surfaces, a soft cool-cold gradient isolates the represented elements and gives a non-gravitational character to the compositions. The project is based on a choral visual basis. The groups of images altogether represent the discourse, giving great importance to the different parts that give sense to the work as a whole."

Alan Sailer

These are pretty kool. Alan Sailer uses a pellet gun and captures the results with a home-made microsecond flash. And the results are these amazing color splashes as Sailer captures his pellet gun shots at impact.

In Illustration: The Work of Australia's Kirra Jamison

Australian illustrator Kirra Jamison’s usual decorative work, exuding mythical creatures and magical landscapes, has taken a turn to intricate psychedelic illustrations. While some pieces are minimal, there’s no shortage of meticulous detail in her latest series, Surrender Star.

Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack remix) Vs I Thought Inside Out - deadmau5

Thursday, 26 May 2011

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

What a beautiful voice. The music is very glitchy, minimal and astonian...really PERFECT...

deadmau5 - L.E.D Trailer

So my missus got us tickets to see the mau5, check out what is to come...Can't wait..

Prince - The Beautiful Ones.

This is one of my faves of alll time...i know im more of a NEW electronic music person...but music is music, and music is inspiration, and this is my inspiration yea..SING A LONG..

Sunday, 22 May 2011

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - FREEDOM- (Skream's Psychotic Cyborgs Remix)

So i like my dubstep all earfukked and stuff, and skream is usually more minimal and euphoric, but he kinda flipped the script with this rage against the machine remix, he went more the skrillex, datsik, bare noize way. I think some fans are abit shocked, but its really all about expanding through music. I fukin love this track anyway. Big up Oliver. Enjoy!

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.

Alex Kidd (USA) - City Of Angels (Original Mix)

feeling this, loving the gracefull chords, and build ups.

Oh My God It’s Techno Music Super Mix

This will quench your dirty dutch, electro house thirst, this has been put together by Dumme Jungs, and it is a total monster of a mixxxxx, including the best of 2011, BANGGINGGG mIXXXX...OMG..AN HOUR OF HARD ELECTRO HOUSE...ENJOY!!!

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)

Beautiful remix by Jamie xx, realeased on XL recordings.

Alex Pardee, “Awful / Resilient”

Alex Pardee has continued to have a busy year, what with Tupac Cats and solo show at Corey Helford Gallery. Now, his newest book, Awful / Resilient, has just been released through Upper Playground, featuring 250 illustrations and paintings spread across 172 pages.

Mark Whalen "White Out" Video

white out from Mark Whalen on Vimeo.

Mark Whalen, aka Kill Pixie, just closed up a solo exhibition at Black Art Projects in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, and just recently posted this video of his work in motion. If you remember, we just stopped by Whalen's studio at the end of March right before he went on the road down under.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Save The World (Tonight) - Swedish House Mafia

New swedish house mafia.

Calvin Harris - Awooga

Was meant to post this before, but slipped my mind. Calvin touched on the dirty electro house style. This needs more exposure i think. AWOOOGAAA

Calvin Harris - Bounce feat. Kelis

New Calvin harris, ive been a fan of calvin from day dot, love his take on disco music, and this is his newest material featuring Kelis, who seems to be jumping on these dance producers tracks, love it, her voice suits dance music much better i think. Anyways, Enjoy!

Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere ft. John Legend

One of my favourites from Benga, Skream and Artwork MAGNETIC MAN featuring John legend, this is one of my faves from there debut album, video is beautiful aswell.

'Hot Mess' Chromeo [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This came out in november last year, but its got that classic look, love these guys. Got that zapp and roger funk to it.

g-range - money back (earbleed remix)

G-range - Money back - earbleed remix (SNIPPET) by mrsoundz - EARBLEEDMUSIC
Heres a preview of my boy G-range's Money back the earbleed remix. Watch out for the video coming soon, and the official release. Enjoy.. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

New track up - GLORIFIED

Glorified (original Mix) - SNIPPET by mrsoundz - EARBLEEDMUSIC
I've been having so many technical problems in my studio, sooooo, in the meantime while i sort my studio out, i thought i may aswell post some new music ive been workin on. The new e.p i will bring out by august is titled "strange wobbles from nebula", i will post artwork and video footage etc soon, have a listen. 

Industry Takeover - Baby Sol live PA

Industry Takeover - Baby Sol live PA from Trendsetter4Life on Vimeo.
 Check out my home gurl, Miss Baby Sol tear up her live performance. Shes FABBBBBB lol ENJOY!!

Dirtyloud - Needle feat. Sirreal (Dirtyloud's Feel The Noize DNB Mix)



Another episode to add to the GERROOFF series, out on DVD at the end of august, na im joking, MAYBE THOUGHH....but yea, ENJOY!

Live Free Music - The departure (Instrumental)

Depature clip by livefreemusic
So i've got a huge family around me, this is made from one of my Youngers, Up and coming collective who get together frequently to make them boom Bap hiphop soulful bangers. Really liking this one, if your look for beats like this holla at 

Pusha T – Open Your Eyes

Simple video, and sick track, like the Queen Sample.

Glomout – Big Splash (Alex Mind Remix)

More electro house from Alex Mind

"Flower Board" T-Shirt by Michael Leon

Liking the simplicity of this - get yours at

Becky Dreistadt’s illustrations and comics

Becky Dreistadt’s illustrations and comics will make you smile, especially if you grew up consuming classic Little Golden Books. Colorful and intelligent, Becky’s work offers a dose of nostalgia in modern packaging.

Becky is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design in Sequential Art (which translates into comic book art). Raised in Virginia, she has since re-located to Auckland in 2008.

The artist has worked full-time on the painted online comic Tiny Kitten Teeth with partner Frank and recently completed a pseudo-children’s book in the style of 50s and 60s vintage picture-books titled Tigerbuttah.

She grew up consuming comics and as she grew older, became interested in Japanese manga. More recently Becky offers “Pokemon is probably my biggest influence.” Take a look at her fantastic retro illustrations and comics.

2000 Cardboard Elements and the Sound of Rain

Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel : 200 prepared dc-motors, 2000 cardboard elements 70x70cm, 2011 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo.

If you ever wanted to hear the sound that 200 prepared dc-motors and 2000 cardboard elements can make together, then watch this video of the installation created by Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel at the Contemporary Art Museum MNAC Bucharest, Romania earlier this year.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Earbleed mixes DIRTY DUTCH by mrsoundz - EARBLEEDMUSIC
So our night earbleed includes a good amount of dirty dutch electro too. Heres Elvins mix of it. BLEEEEDDD 

Strummerville Spring Sessions 2011

Catch my band 'LA REBLA FAM' in this vid, if you are impatient, skip to just under 5mins into the vid. Big up Strummerville for helping us out, These are the guys that gave us the opportunity to play a glastonbury 2010 which was AMAZZINNGG. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Karetus – Future Is Now feat. Ricco Vitali [EP Teaser]

Just came across this. Very sick, cross between MSTRKRFT and JUSTICE.

Frankmusick - do it in the AM (lucy date and eli smith remix)

Frankmusik - Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement (Lucky Date And Eli Smith Remix) by Lucky Date
 If you dont know about lucky date and eli smith, get TO KNOOWW. Enjoy

Warmie – Freaky Nite (Electro Foundation Remix)

More electro house to start or end your day, whatever part of the day your in, this will make you move a little.

Red n pink Video diary

These are my girls, ive been producing bangers for them for a bit now, so no doubt you'll be hearing more from these punk bitches. Red n pink are a duo, with a swagger like no other, rapping and singing over electro, punk, urban beats created by Mr Soundz and Nutty P. Check them out

Chateau Roux Kool ass Jeans

Yes, so i went down carnaby on the weekend, and copped me a pair of these, beautiful drop down chinos, in a cool mint colour crafted perfectly by Chateau Roux. whhh'ipp lol..thats not me in the pic by the way, i will upload my pix soon.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Skrillex - Disco Rangers

Skrillex - Disco Rangers by
This is too much, from the one and only SKRILLEX, or shoudl i say SUPER SKRILLEX haha. Enjoy, PUMP THIS...

My New logo

Created by Mark Vito Cruz Of "ignite" New upcoming designer, Watch this space. For logos email

Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Nit Grit & Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Nit Grit & Stephan Jacobs Remix) by
 It’s always cool seeing two respected producers collaborate to make a completely fresh sound. That’s exactly what LA based Nit Grit and Stephan Jacobs did. Stephan was the guy who brought you the chill yet bass heavy remix to Empire of the Sun – We are the People. Well these two producers teamed up to remix the track ‘Gold Guns Girls’ by Metric. The outcome is a glitched out dubstep filled BANGER, that is sure to rattle the subs. Turn the bass all the way up for this one, and enjoy!

Current Value, Snow, SPL - Shy Flame NEW DUBSTEP

Just listen.

MF Doom - Doomsday

One of my best hiphop tracks by MF DOOM....this is bringing it back abit, Real hiphop. Get out the vimto and chill to this with a zigggyyy. Enjoy!

12 year old shuffling

For those who would like to know how to shuffle PROPERLY. lol, this girl is a pro at it, and shes only 12years old. So for those of you who come to my night in camden EARBLEED, and don't know how to dance to electro house music, this will probably help you out lol...Happy shuffling..Enjoy


Came across this sculpture. WOW....amazing piece of engineering and creativity. Created by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, in 2005 they transformed a house scheduled for demolition into a funnel-like vortex.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


New gerrooff TV from Mr.G-Range....One of my family. This episode is probably the most jokes, Silky Slim is too funny once again. Also included is exclusive footage from 'The Space Lab', With G and Tony A.S freestyling to some of my new music. Enjoy!!!

Takashi Murakami

Taken by the desire to provide encouragement to the victims of the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake, internationally renowned contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, has asked artists around the world to joinhim  in uploading artwork to Twitter’s affiliated image posting sites. As Murakami notes, "The response to this project has already been tremendous, with both drawings and messages of encouragement pouring in."
Murakami is credited in designing the album artwork for rapper Kanye West's album Graduation, and many others.

Cherri Prince - Misery (official video)

Check This artist out, silky soulful vocals on a beautiful soulful beat. Been workin with her for a while now, soon come a dub electro remix of one of her tracks from myself lol. ENJOY

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Earbleed remix

Bright Morningstar & 6reenlight - Doublecat (Earbleed Remix) Snippet by mrsoundz - EARBLEEDMUSIC
Ive uploaded a new track. It shoudl be released on a European label T.B.A in the next 2 months. EARBLEED MUSIC..complextro..

Monday, 2 May 2011

Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma

Lil Buck, is the name of the extrodinairy dance illusionist. This is a perfect mix of contemporary music with a new form of waving and popping 'Jookin". This is AMAZINNGG.

Art in the streets

There was a lot of secrecy involved in the preparation of MOCA's "Art In the Streets" exhibition. if you were an artist in the show, your mother couldn't come see what you were doing until the press preview. That said, it also provided an opportunity for those setting up the entire show and documenting it to have a bit of fun, and MOCA created a film using the Geffen's security cameras.

Madlib Mondays: Jaylib “Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)”

Hidden track from J Dilla and Madlib (Jaylib), Bringing back that BOOm BAAP music.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Michael White - Right Here (Eric Farias Remix) by Eric Farias
 Eric Farias didn’t keep us waiting long, dropping a brand new track only a week after the Brazilian-complextro wonderkids redux of Lazy Rich’s – Get Out tore through the blogosphere. His latest work, of proggy, complextro goodnes is a remix of Michael White’s  – Right Here which will surely continue to fuel the Eric Farias hype machine.

Everyday (netsky remix)

Loving this Lovestep version of ruskos 'Everyday'. Netsky is big.

Perfect Cell – Dr. Boom (Electro Foundation Remix)

New Electro Track i came across, My kinda music. Some kool vocal editing, stretching etc. Build ups are quite immense too. And the bass and wobbles are sick. Enjoy! Another earbleeder to add to my setlist.

Jeff Sonhouse's Gravity’s Lawlessness 2010

New York based artist Jeff Sonhouse's exhibition, ‘Better Off Dead,’ Said The Landlord.
Sonhouse deconstructs the accepted theories of ownership and invites us to reexamine how we interpret relationships of power, as tenants of an overbearing architect. With alluding portrayals of glorified facades, he creates a frictional energy of immortality.

ADAM JANES Objects in Play

Taken From the upcoming Marthe Otero Exhibitions.

Stussy x marvel

Stussy and Marvel Comics present a project featuring characters from the Marvel Universe that are transported into the Stussy world. Its something else to add to my wish list.

Vans Custom Culture Pics

These kicks are from some of the contestents, to see more or to vote for your fave's click

Vans Custom Culture

Voting is now open to select the five top finalists in Vans’ 2011 Custom Culture program. The second annual contest allows high school students nationwide to design their own collection of Vans for the chance to win $50,000 towards their school’s art program, after which, the winning school’s designs will also be available in 2012 at the retail level.
Representatives from the top five school will later fly to New York in June to take part in the final exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. There, a judging panel of industry experts will deliberate and select the winning school. This year’s judges include Mister Cartoon, Jordan Buckley, Tony Alva, and fashion expert Nicole Young.


So heres g-range's new Gerroff Tv pt 5, Silky slim is too much jokes, he's the guy who was in 'take me out'. Also featuring footage from Earbleed the rave, which was set up by me and the Earbleeders, bringing you the best in dubstep and electro house, the night was a success and The next Earbleed will commence on the 2nd of june, ill keep you posted. Enjoy!!